This property specifies the number of precompiled script files to cache. If 0, no script files will be cached. If -1, all script files requested will be cached. This property can be used to tune performance, depending on the amount of memory available and the amount of script file traffic.

Data type Long
Default value 256
Inheritance Inheritable

Access Locations

This property is accessible at the following locations:

Metabase Path Key Type
/LM/W3SVC IIsWebService
/LM/W3SVC/N IIsWebServer
/LM/W3SVC/N/ROOT IIsWebVirtualDir
/LM/W3SVC/N/ROOT/WebVirtualDir IIsWebVirtualDir
/LM/W3SVC/N/ROOT/WebVirtualDir/WebDirectory IIsWebDirectory

IIS Admin Base Object Information

The following table lists additional information required only for code that uses the IIS Admin Base Object.

User type IIS_MD_UT_WAM

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